Is the Writing on the Wall for Stansted Paving

Is the writing on the wall for Stansted Paving?

Well it’s on our stepping stones actually.

We were recently approached by Helen Fletcher from a local children’s nursery, Doodle Do Day Nursery in Bishops Stortford, about the possibility of producing numbered stepping stones and were more than happy to help.

These are numbered 1 to 20 and are being used to support children in Early Years education to learn to recognise numbers.


It was an interesting project for us and tested our ingenuity to come up with a way of creating the necessary shapes and incorporate them into the normal moulds we use for casting the stepping stones and our other products.

It took us a while to undertake some test runs first but Helen Fletcher from the nursery was very patient. She was also very helpful, assisting with ideas and the means to create the numbered shapes.

Helen said, “We are absolutely delighted with the new stepping stones! The children love playing on them and while they have fun, they are learning to recognise the numbers, helping them to be well prepared when they go to school.”

These special production runs rely on the normal processes for the manufacture of all our paving products. All are hand made using dyed concrete introduced into moulds of the required shape and size for the respective products. All moulds are immediately vibrated to remove any trapped air bubbles improving their strength characteristics before being left to cure and harden fully ready for use.

This is not the first time we have gone that extra step for a customer and tried something out of the ordinary. One such project we were pleased to have been involved with was that of a rainbow path for Summercroft Schools nursery class.

We were happy to have been able to help Helen bring her ideas to life so if you have your own unusual or off the wall ideas, come and see us – we might just be able to bring your dreams to life too.

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| 25th August, 2016