The Versatility of Rotunda Circles

A Rotunda will add novelty and interest to your garden project. A Rotunda is formed of concentric circle rings and comes in three sizes; 1.8m, 2.55m and 3.55m diameters. Each ring comprises various numbers of segments.

Each size of Rotunda can be supplied as either a full, semi or quarter circle.

All sizes are available with squaring off kits for the corners. As the name implies, these transform each circle into a square so that it can be integrated into a larger expanse of patio paving.

Rotundas can look great as a centre feature or on a leading edge to link seamlessly to say a grassed area.

The concentric rings can also look superb as a feature step or set of steps. Used as a quarter or semi-circle, each ring would be set a different level.

Individual rings can also be used as a feature in their own right to create stand alone flower beds for example. Stand-alone rotundas can look good by themselves to act say as a dining area feature on which to position your table and chairs for alfresco dining.


However, they can also be linked to your garden as well. By using the component parts of each ring and reversing the direction of curve of some of them, you can create a winding path effect to simulate a meandering walkway through your little piece of tranquility.

Additional segments can be ordered separately to suit your needs.

All our products are hand made to order at our works and can normally be available within 10 days of order. We can often improve on delivery dates so speak to us if you have any urgent requirements.

All Rotundas are available in any of our standard or marble (two-tone) colours. Special colour combinations could be utilised to great effect such as alternating the colour of individual segments or alternating colours of the rings.

If you would like more information, then visit our Stansted Paving website here, email or give Kathy or Jon a call on 01279 874912.





| 26th September, 2016