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Fitting & Installation

Q1: Do I have to buy a minimum set quantity or ‘project pack’ just for the odd one or two items I need?

Certainly not!

We pride ourselves in not restricting you to set quantities in any way so you can purchase as few or as many of any size or colour you want to suit your specific needs.

Our deliveries are not palleted as for most people once your order arrives on site it is more convenient to move the items around singularly.

Q2: But I only have an overall area for my patio so what do I do now?

Well of course if that is all you can give us we can supply a random number of sizes to cover this area but remember that if you are using a multi-size pattern you may not be able to maintain it over the whole area.

Q3: What then is the best way to work out what I need?

Quite simply come in and see us and we will help you.

We will get out our pencils and start drawing from scratch usually on one of our standard pattern sheets on which you will be able to see your patio to scale!

That’s not very high tech for this day and age you might say, and you’d be right, but we find, particularly for odd sizes and shapes, it is better to resort to the old ways.

Q4: So do I need to book an appointment to get help with planning my project?

Not necessarily, but if you think things may get complicated it might be best to telephone first to make sure one of our landscapers will be on hand when you call in.

Q5: If you work out the quantities for me and I don’t have enough or end up with some left over, what happens then?

Well normally if we work out the quantities you need against one of our patterns it should be fairly accurate as long as we manage to add up properly!

We will always use our best endeavours to correctly assess the quantities you need but we do ask you to double check what we have done and make sure it suits your requirements. It is much easier and more convenient for all to rectify errors at the start rather than whilst you’re trying to finish laying your patio!

Where we have used one of our pattern charts to estimate your quantities, please ask us for a copy so you can double check for yourself.

If after everything you still require a few extras you can of course come back for more, we usually have most sizes and colours in stock.

Q6: If I still have some left over, will you give me a refund?

This is a difficult one as we have to be sure that if we do they are in a good condition to restock and sell on to another customer. After all you wouldn’t want to buy something yourself which was not in top condition.

So, if we are honest, we normally try to avoid refunding against ‘unused’ items otherwise we can be left with stock we cannot re-sell, except at a loss.

It we do restock goods, we are sorry, but we will have to make a restocking charge.

Q7: Do you recommend I buy a few extras in case of breakages?

Accidents can often happen but this decision is really yours. We will be happy to supply you with a few extras just in case and to save you having to break off from laying right at the last knockings to get some replacements.

If you are cutting then we would probably recommend that you have 1 or 2 of each size in reserve just in case.

Q8: Can you recommend a Landscaper who can do my garden for me?

Yes we can.

There are of course plenty of Landscapers around the area whose names you can always find from the local directories, internet etc. Unfortunately we do not keep comprehensive lists ourselves nor do we make any recommendations about their workmanship etc as we do not see everything they all do.

However, one of our partners, Jon, also runs his own landscape company, Jon Kemmish Landscapes, and he will always be pleased to provide you with a free estimate which you can compare with any others you get.

There are usually photographs of his work available in our office so pop in, have a look and talk to us about your needs. He will probably want to pop round to see first hand what needs doing but this can be arranged for a mutually convenient time.


Q1: Where can I find out your current prices?

All our current prices can be found on our website so please refer to the relevant section for further details.

Q2: Tell me a bit about your pricing policy, for example, does it include VAT?

We try to keep our pricing structure as transparent as possible so our prices are listed net of delivery and VAT. This allows us to tailor delivery cost to suit your location and we can apply any discounts or special offers before we have to add VAT. All this means you can see exactly where your money is going and ensures there are no hidden costs of which you are not aware.


Q1: Do I have to be there when you deliver?

Not necessarily. As long as the order is paid for in advance, there is no balance to pay and we have agreed an off-loading arrangement you do not have to be present when our driver arrives. Please remember though that we cannot be responsible for security of your order once we have left the drop-off point.

Q2: Do you charge for delivery and if so how much?

We do make a nominal charge when we deliver to help towards the cost of fuel and time and avoid unfairly penalising those customers who have the means to collect. It all helps to keep our pricing policy transparent.

Please see the delivery section of our web site for more details.

Q3: Can I collect to save on delivery?

Of course you can but please remember that our products can be very heavy so make sure you have appropriate transport to take your order home with you.

Q4: Will there be any problems for delivery when bringing your vehicle onto my property?

Normally we do not take our vehicle onto a customer’s property and really only offer kerb-side delivery to avoid damage to your drive surface or garden. Our vehicle can weigh up to 3.5 Tonnes fully loaded which is substantially more than the average domestic vehicle weighs and can also become easily bogged down should the surface not be substantial enough.

We would only therefore enter your property by special mutual agreement and, you will understand, would not be responsible in the event that damage occurred.

Q5: Do you deliver on set days to certain areas/places?

No not normally. We can usually deliver on any mutually convenient date to any location and will generally be able to agree either a morning or afternoon slot.

Q6: Do you deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

We don’t normally deliver on Saturday’s and Sunday’s but understand that if you work all week and want to be there when your order arrives this may be the only convenient time for you. We can therefore sometimes make special arrangements for Saturday morning deliveries.


Q1: Do you have a brochure you can send me?

Yes. Please fill out our enquiry form and we will email you a copy.

Q2: How heavy can your products be?


Some of the smaller paving slabs only weigh a few kg each but the larger ones such as 600mm sq are about 25kg and our very largest nearly 40kg which require two person handling. Bagged products such as cement can weigh up to 25kg each.

If you consider this, even a smallish order can soon add up to around 1 Tonne!

Q3: What colours can you supply your products in?

All our reproduction stone products are available in any of the colours we do including 2-tone mixes so you can match or contrast edgings, copings etc with your main paving colour(s).

Please see the relevant section of our website for further details.

Q4: Can you provide me with a m2 rate for your products?

Yes we can but we only usually do this as a guide price.

We don’t sell be the m2 as we prefer to calculate the exact quantity you need for the size, proportions, shape and pattern or your project as all these factors will determine the precise numbers of each size you will need.

This is especially important where you will need half and quarter sizes around the edges to avoid cutting larger ones and to ensure your pattern can be maintained across the whole area being covered.

This also keeps the overall price as low as possible as you only pay for what you need not something rounded up to the next m2 or more, or even worse, to the next palleted quantity or project pack size!

We could sell by the m2 and supply enough of whatever size takes our fancy to cover a specific area but this is likely to mean that the regularity of the laying pattern cannot be maintained throughout and you may need to factor in cutting of some slabs to fill the gaps and the bits around the edges. It also often means you end up buying much more than you need to give yourself flexibility which adds unnecessary cost.